App of all trades, master of none


It’s 6am and my alarm goes off. I hit the stop button on my phone even though I really want to hit the snooze button. I head to the kitchen for breakfast. My arm lifts food from my plate to my mouth while my eyes are stuck on my phone as I browse through the news headlines.

On my way to the gym in my car, I connect my iPhone and launch Spotify. Today’s album is a classic Hip Hop album (one of the best albums ever in my opinion) – Nas, Illmatic. Perfect way to start the day and destress.

I get to the gym and mentally prepare for the grueling hour ahead by reviewing my workout plan on iBooks. I tell myself “Damn..nothing to lose…you can do this!!” This time, I survived and according to my fitness tracking app, I even hit a new personal record. I head to work with a changed attitude.

I’m going to skip over the rest of my day because it involves hours at Bliss and Andre (my boss) doesn’t need to know how often WhatsApp gets my attention.

So what’s the point of all this?
The apps I use daily help me solve a specific task: waking up, listening to music, reading my notes, tracking my fitness, keeping in touch with friends and more. The apps solve a need or helps me be more efficient throughout my day without raising more issues. I think this is normal and expected now by most people. However, the truth is that I hear many people that want applications that do everything and anything and right away. But why? This doesn’t make sense to me because apps are not operating system, they are used for specific purposes.

For example, when your electricity goes out or you have a leaky faucet, do you call a tradesperson like an electrician or plumber or do you call your doorman? The doorman can tap on the dripping faucet or switch the breaker for less than what it would be to pay the plumber or electrician. But the doorman assumed the breaker tripped because of the heater but it’s actually because the capacity needs to be increased. So in the end, the electrician needs to be called anyway to take care of this specific problem. And don’t think that the faucet won’t start leaking again.

If you are looking to integrate new technology such as an application to reach a specific market, consider if you need an enterprise application or consumer application. Producing an app with the intention that it is the app of all trades could end up being quite disappointing to your target market. Sometimes scaling back and being quite specific can be much more effective and you can see a better return on investment.

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