How to stay ahead of changing technology

Technology is evolving at such a rapid rate it may seem impossible to keep up with new trends. As we see the rise in users of smartphones and more recently wearables, it’s clear that technology has become accessible to almost anyone in every part of the world.

What is “hot” today is quickly replaced by something new tomorrow, yet users are able to adapt quicker to new technology because of better user experience (UX) and user interface design (UI). This results in greater user demand for new products with higher expectations of quality and usability.

While changes in technology create challenges as users have become accustomed to fairly high standards set by companies such as Apple, it also creates many opportunities by leveling the market playing field between start ups and large businesses.

Since technology changes so fast and users begin to adapt to those changes ever faster, there is a small window of opportunity from concept to market. Missing that window to market can result in the failure of a product/ technology after months of research and testing before it even gets into the user’s hands.

It’s up to software engineers to deliver the most current and user friendly products. In turn, it’s up to the marketers to be ready to take a product to market.

How can software engineers and marketers stay ahead of the game and relevant when it comes to development?

    1. Keep up with technology trends.
    2. Stay curious and interested in the user experience.
    3. Understand the market and how new technology can help businesses.
    4. Use market shifts to forecast evolution of technology.
    5. Experiment with technology constantly pushing the boundaries.

Some of the most well known tech products either integrate with user’s daily habits such as time management apps or are completely disruptive to the norm such as Google Home or Amazon Echo. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, although in the market for many years, is beginning to change the user engagement as we’ve seen in retail marketing and gaming simulations.

Technology is not going away. In fact, humans will continue to become more reliant on tech tools and tricks.

Almost all businesses to some extent can use technology to help attract customers and generate revenue. In the end, we are all tech users and new tech experiences will impact our lives in one way or another. Finding the right tech partner is important to ensure that marketers can maximize this exciting rapid technological evolution.

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