And consumers take control…

Technology has put the control in the hands of the consumer

“Em(power)ment to the people”
Through new technology and digital platforms, consumers have the ability to purchase almost anything as well as access to information to make the best purchase decisions. With real time feedback and mediums such as Twitter for customers to directly speak to corporations, brands now more than ever need to have good customer service and excellent quality control.

For example, even President TrThe US President even uses Twitter to connect with citizens.ump uses Twitter to personally share his perspective with the world and directly interact with citizens.

Consumers connect to brands

A recent report, “Consumers Take Control” PSFK-LAB, 2017, highlighted that digital media has given control to the consumer. The report also indicated that consumers want to interact directly with brands, 1 on 1, without filters or intermediaries.

Consumers take control poll

The report mentioned above reviewed brands that are already using technology for consumers to have more control such as self-checkout kiosks and crowdsourcing platforms. Crowdsourcing platforms allow companies to go directly to consumers, sometimes even when the product is in the prototype phase, to create products that the consumer wants, as they want it.

Consumers in the crowdsourcing campaigns, the new consumers, can vote and choose product manufacturing sites, preferred advertising campaigns and even the kind of raw materials used to manufacture the products. Consumers are able to pre-purchase or donate money to help support innovative ideas. The end result is that the brand is able to produce a product that has more opportunity to be successful.

By giving more choice and control to the consumer at the beginning of a product lifecycle, brands can leverage the positive relationships with consumers on various mediums, thereby promoting the brand communication strategy and help push sales.

Smartphones connect consumers

Smartphones are now a primary connection between brand and consumers whether in-store or online. When consumers download an application and login either through social media or using an email, brands are not only able to identify the key target market but can also interact directly or indirectly with the user.

Brands are able to obtain so much information about the user just through a smartphone. For instance, it’s possible to know when a customer enters into a store with geofencing, when they pay for an order, leave the store, browse online or simply when the customer makes known preferences through collaborative tools or social feeds.

It’s clear that the future of the in-store and online operations is in the hands of the consumer. So if the retailers and brands want to be where the target audiences are and know what they want to buy, they have to offer customers remote access to products. And not just provide access, but also be available using the newest technology to stay ahead and allow customers to customize the purchasing process.

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