7 Questions you should ask your outsourcing bidders


We are all well aware of the existence of software companies that are cheaper than local ones because they execute the services in a country where the cost of living is lower than in the location where the services are being purchased.

Although there can be benefits to outsourcing like lower costs, sometimes saving dollars may end up costing you more. Factors like time zones, culture, language and quality, to name a few, often get in the way of seamless development. Moreover, these factors end up degrading the client-contractor relationship and, ultimately, affecting the final quality of your product.

How can you make an informed decision if you choose to outsource a project?

Here are 7 questions to ask each project bidder:

  1. Is there a local point of contact?
  2. What time zones will the project team be working within?
  3. How many people will work on the project and how do I know they are suited for the job?
  4. Is the project team comprised of direct employees of your company?
  5. Where will my intellectual property be kept?
  6. How will invoicing and payments be handled
  7. Are there referrals close by that I can talk to?

These questions can help lead into more qualified answers outside of a clear scope of work so you can have some insight into the working relationship.

At Bliss Applications, we have a highly-talented, multi-location team working with clients locally and internationally. We work with all of our clients with transparency and provide a clear project strategy to ensure a successful product delivery.

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