In the News: Energy

A recent article came out in an online Portuguese magazine highlighting new mobile applications that are changing the way consumers connect to the energy sector in Portugal.

Some of the features of the several applications released include meter reading at the touch of a button, managing home power, comparing rates, invoicing and much more.

Bliss Applications has played a part in four of the applications mentioned in the article: REN Energia, EDP re:dy – WebPortal (future release), EDP re:dy – Mobile apps, EDP D.FY.

REN Energia – Android development


EDP re:dy – Mobile design and implementation, web portal (future release)

Web Portal: Consumers can manage home devices
and view energy consumption reports.

EDP re:dy Smarthome – Demo version of the re:dy app

EDP re:dy is a system that allows users to
connect and control their home devices and energy
in a single app, whenever they want, wherever they are.
A Internet of Things (IoT) innovating project.

EDP D.FY – Mobile design, implementation and product brand

EDP is one of the major sponsor of Portuguese marathons and runs. With this app users can register
for runs, but they also can use this app while
training and running, like the Nike Plus app.

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