Embly: Take your events to the next level!

It was quite a sight to see at the SKY National Convention in Bahia, Brazil earlier this year. Nearly 1,000 guests flocked to the event with Embly installed on their smartphone. In under 30 minutes, all guests were checked into the event and ready to start the 3-day event hosted by the major Brazilian television company.

What is Embly?

Embly is an all-in-one, multi-platform event management solution that optimizes event experiences for guests and maximizes the results for organizers and sponsors.

The Challenge

While supporting clients at events, members of Bliss Applications observed that there was a lack of reliable, scalable event solutions. Event organizers needed a solution that would provide features throughout the lifecycle of the event: pre-event, during and post-event.

The Result

Embly was first released in 2014 as a direct response to a need for a horizontal solution in the event industry. Eventually, Embly became a spin-off company from Bliss Applications to give “customers a product and service that would improve from one event to the other.” The goal of Embly from the beginning was to provide a complete event experience.

embly at the center of your event

Although Embly can be customized by company or event, it is also available ready-to-use with four main features integrated into the system:

  • Attendee Personal Profile
  • Attendee List to arrange meeting coordination pre-event
  • Private One on One Chat
  • Event Social Feed
  • Real-time Event Feedback with polls and surveys
  • Send Invitations
  • Event Agenda
  • Integrated Google Map
  • File Box – event document storage
  • Event Mailing Tool
  • News Feed
  • Beacon Triggered Messages
Event check-in:
  • QR Code Check-In
  • Integrated Badge Impression System
  • On-Location Badge Printing System
  • Badge Scan
  • Crowd Control
  • Splash Screen
  • Targeted Media/Advertising using Apple TV
  • Targeted Media/Advertising using Beacons

conference powered by Embly

Our goal with Embly is to provide the most complete event experience, regarding the use of digital solutions in an event context.

– André Gil, CEO

What’s next?

As any good user-centered designed product, feedback from events constantly influences features and enhancements made to Embly. As the market and industry changes, so Embly adapts and evolves.

Embly is more than a good idea, it’s a product that has been used at several international events. Recently, Bliss Applications hosted the first Wake Up Talks in Lisbon, Portugal and Embly was at the center of the event creating a memorable experience for guests (and for Bliss!).

mobile phone with wake up talks logo

For more information about Embly, visit emblyapp.com.
See how Embly powered one of the largest health conferences in Portugal: watch here.