EDP re:dy – The smart home energy manager

Have you ever absentmindedly left a light in your home only to remember midway into your vacation that you left it on?

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With the evolution of technology and our dependency on technology, it made sense to see smart home solutions emerge on the market. The concept of having apps controlling parts of our homes from our phones is obviously exciting not just because of convenience but also out of necessity for financial reasons and the environment.

The best solutions in the smart home sector are the apps that make our homes feel like a natural extension of ourselves. But not all apps are created equal. More often than not, the apps that do become available can lack usability which can lead to frustrated customers.

And so EDP re:dy was born.

What is EDP re:dy?

Edp re:dy is an app that allows you to connect and control your home with a single app, whenever you want, wherever you are. It allows you to monitor, control, automate and optimize the energy consumption in your house.

The Challenge

One of the major electricity operators in Europe, EDP, contacted Bliss Applications to develop a digital application with three specific requirements:

  1. Allow customers to control the energy consumption in their homes wherever they are in the world.
  2. An innovative solution that would represent the forward-moving company within the energy sector.
  3. The solution should be easy to use, forward-looking and customizable.

The Result

Bliss Applications worked closely with EDP to create the best solution through intense collaboration and user research. Moreover, aligned with the amazing power that the app gives its users, Bliss made sure that the design represented the innovation and ingenuity behind the smart home system EDP wanted to create. In the end, an application was created that provided EDP consumers with a solution that met all of EDP’s requirements.

Here are (some of) the app’s features:

  • Energy consumption analysis.
  • Solar power generation monitoring.
  • Electric vehicle consumption analysis.
  • Air conditioning control.
  • Boiler or heating pump control.
  • All of your home devices.
  • Schedule the usage of all your devices.
  • Create routines like “Holidays” or “Out at work”.
  • Receive alerts in case of high consumption or anomalies.
  • Help with identifying saving opportunities.
  • Optimization of contracted power.
  • Increased efficiency in consumption by scheduling on/off times during peak hours.

I see in Bliss the enormous advantage of deciphering what I want, answering with a hard-to-overcome quality, and working with a true partner that embraces projects with the same passion as the client.

– João Luis Sobral, Head of Creativity and Technology of EDP

What’s next?

To date, the re:dy app has won numerous awards including Best Apps in the World by World Summit Awards and Silver Award for Design from CCP.

World Summit Awards
WSA Mobile Award 2016

CCP awards (Club of Portuguese Creatives)
• Silver Award in Mobile Apps
• Silver Award in User Design/Interface (UI)

“EDP Commercial wants to lead the way in the new downstream. EDP re:dy is a system that allows you to connect and control your home in a single app, whenever you want, wherever you are. It’s possible to control your solar generation, house consumption, control and schedule your equipment while becoming more energy efficient. Edp re:dy app is the smart home energy manager.”

Bliss and EDP have been partners in developing mobile applications and solutions for the modern technology landscape. This collaboration has lead to several apps such as the social running app, EDP d.fy.

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